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Friday, 8 May 2009


Health and safety gone mad, a couple of tales:

First up; Female police officers told not to wear under wired bras on duty - Telegraph

Female police officers across England and Wales have been told not to wear underwired bras on duty in case the wiring becomes driven into the skin by the force of a bullet.

Although body armour would stop the bullet itself, officers have been warned that the impact could force the underwiring in products like Wonderbras into their bodies.

Julia Roper-Smith, the Sergeants' National Police Women's representative of the Police Federation, gave the warning in the organisation's magazine, called Police.

Miss Roper-Smith, of Derbyshire Police, wrote: "There is no such thing as a bullet proof bra.

"Body armour has to be close fitting and you should wear a bra that does not contain metal objects.

"You should not wear underwired bras as the metal can be driven into the skin causing more damage."

The Home Office has also issued official guidance on what underwear to wear for duty.

The memo reads: "The Home Office Scientific Development Branch have always advised officers that body armour should be close fitting to the body and hard objects such as metal buttons, press studs, badges and the like should never be placed beneath body armour.

I seem to remember posting a blog where a woman’s life was saved by an under wired bra which deflected a bullet; still experience is obviously not as acceptable as advice.

And the second: Health and safety: police force sells motorbikes Northumbria Police is getting rid of its £200,000 motorcycle fleet over health and safety fears.

The police force decided to sell off all the Honda and BMW bikes after deciding that officers using them were "particularly vulnerable to collision".

The force has been criticised for losing a valuable resource but senior officers have insisted that the move will "maximise officer safety".

One serving officer, who asked not to be named, added: "I guess with all the health and safety red tape surrounding the police service these days their days were always going to be numbered.

"It's a great shame we won't be able to use them any more – cars just aren't the same. Maybe they'll offer us push bikes instead – as long as we can produce our cycling proficiency test certificates, obviously "

So it’s all right for the public to ride these dangerous machines, but not the Police force, I guess protect and serve depends on the HSE.

Here is a story from the Telegraph about greed, families and a lack of the sense of smell.

Florida woman keeps mother's dead body in house for six years A Florida woman has been charged with fraud and theft after she kept her dead mother's body in a bedroom for six years while collecting more than $200,000 in pension benefits, US prosecutors said on Thursday.

Penelope Sharon Jordan of Sebastian, Florida, was charged by a federal grand jury last week with Social Security fraud and theft, the US attorney's office in Miami said.

Police found the decaying body of her mother, Timmie Jordan, on a bed in a spare bedroom at the mother's home in late March, when they were called to investigate a report of nuisance cats.
Miss Jordan, 61, told police that her mother had died in 2003.

Local media reported that Miss Jordan told police that her mother died of old age and she kept the remains because she could not afford burial expenses. An autopsy found no signs of foul play.


Another “what recession” article from the telegraph:Hollywood sign for Kent sparks anger A council has been criticised for planning to spend £12,000 on a giant Hollywood-style white sign in Medway, Kent.

Medway Council wants to spell out the name of its district in huge white letters on the side of a hill.
Recently it spent £2,000 erecting the enormous letter 'E' from MEDWAY to get an idea of what the whole sign will look like.

Medway council has defended the scheme saying it will put Medway on the map. "While people are familiar with the five towns very few outside the south-east know where Medway is," said a spokesman.

Oh yes it wil let the rest of the country know that Medway coucil will waste their counciltax payers money on stupid schemes.

And finally:

Some people never learn-Tory leader David Cameron has bicycle stolen for a second time David Cameron, the Conservative Party leader, has had his bicycle stolen for the second time, this time from right outside his home in west London.

The Tory leader saw his silver and black Scott bike chained to railings at 7.10am but an hour later it was gone, a spokeswoman said.

Mr Cameron borrowed another bicycle from Desmond Swayne, his parliamentary aide, and cycled to Westminster as usual.
The last time his bike was stolen it was outside a supermarket near his home.

All I can say is that I am glad I don’t live where he does; the place is full of criminals.

“Misfortunes do not flourish on one path, they grow everywhere.” American Indian proverb


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