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Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Take a redundant banker with no experience of teaching

Tell them they are “gifted”

Give them six months training

Let them loose on the children

Light the blue touch paper and stand a long way back

Watch the destruction of ex bankers as the kids tear them apart

Watch the education system slide into anarchy and the third world

Can you actually believe this? BBC NEWS

The knobs or Schools Minister Jim Knight in particular has put on his dunce cap and decided that you don’t need to spend years at university to gain a degree, the “University of Life” is sufficient training to enable those poor redundant executives to screw up the lives of our kids.

“The changes are part of the government's wide ranging Working Together public service reform paper, being published by the prime minister on Tuesday.”

“England's Department for Children, Schools and Families said the fast track teacher training scheme would be aimed at people with several years' professional experience in areas such as the financial services or hi-tech industries.”

Sorry “sir” you have failed the exam, and will be put in detention, especially after the next election.

This is how it is today: The teachers are afraid of the principals. The principals are afraid of the superintendents. The superintendents are afraid of the board of education. The board is afraid of the parents. The parents are afraid of the children. The children are afraid of nothing!” Milton Berle


By the way it was the most expensive Mars Bar in the world.

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