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Sunday, 6 December 2009

The Sunday Section

Is it me or is the world getting odder?

I see that her Maj has the hump over the Paparazzi making ‘intrusions into the private lives of members of the Royal family and their friends’.

Took her long enough didn’t it? Shame they didn’t think about it 12 years ago before Diana died.

And I see that Warwickshire County Council is offering a service allowing “older people” to bring in their old slippers and replace them with a pair, which it claims can cut the risk of falling over.

For a fee of £5, participants receive a fitting session, a new pair of the Velcro fastening slippers, and advice on how to don them and avoid accidents around the home.

However, critics have dismissed the so-called Sloppy Slippers project, which is costing taxpayers £3,500, as a waste of money and "patronising" to people in their 50s and 60s.

The council claims that the initiative, which has been adopted by other local authorities, will save money in the long run because it prevents costly injuries to elderly people.

It has also been disclosed that the firm which makes the special slippers charges local authorities £3 a pair – £2 less than the council demands of people taking up its scheme.

So a nice little profit as well as taking the piss, it seems that at my advanced age I am incapable of donning a pair of slippers safely and need the help of “experts”, it’s a pity that councils can’t come up with a policy to protect “older people” in their care homes

From over the pond I see that Sarah Palin has finally fallen over the edge, that demure hunting, fishing, if it moves shoot it failed presidential candidate thinks that the “United States should rededicate itself to seeking God's will.”, not really thought this out has she? In a multicultural multi religious society, which god would that be then?

And only half of us believe that climate change is “man made”. The ICM survey for The Sunday Telegraph will dismay proponents of "man-made" climate change – including leading scientists and the majority of world governments – as they gather in Copenhagen for the landmark climate summit.
Asked if they backed the main conclusion of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), that humans are largely responsible for modern day rises in temperatures, 52 per cent of voters agreed.

Even Gord has got a view point “People who doubt that human activity contributes to global warming are “flat-earthers” and “anti-science”, Gordon Brown has said.

Great quote from a man that managed to plunge this country into the worst recession since time began and lives in Ga-Ga land.

Is it any wonder? What with all the conflicting so called evidence and the scare mongering it seems that one in two can’t decide.

Why don’t they stop trying to convince us and get off “their” arses and do something about it instead of making all this hot air, which can’t be good for the climate?

Baroness Young seems to think that she has done her job and has decided to step down, She said: ''Having overseen the major task of creating a single regulator for health and social care and pointed it in the right direction, I have decided that it will be for others to take it forward.

''I wish all success to the Commission and its staff and to Dame Jo Williams who has agreed to act as chairman until a successor is appointed. Jo will start to take up the reins in January.''

Or in other words: - As I know f##k all about regulating the NHS I have decided to run away, especially after the Basildon fiasco and take a nice big pay off, leaving others to sort out my mess.

I see another title in the making.

And finally:

Some ‘good news’ UK car sales rose by 57.6% in November compared with a year earlier, industry figures have shown.

There were 158,082 cars registered last month, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) said, up from a "weak" November 2008.

So far this year, 1.84 million cars have been sold in the UK, 8.8% lower than at the same point last year.

The SMMT said the continuing impact of the UK government's scrappage scheme was helping to drive car sales.

New car sales have increased year-on-year in each of the past five months.

That should help the environment, I wonder what the carbon footprint is to produce a new car, there is the mining of the iron ore or aluminium, and then the energy to produce the glass and the iron or aluminium, the oil to produce the plastics, the copper for the wiring, the oil and rubber for the tyres, the oil for the seat coverings, the chemicals for the paint, the ceramic for the spark plugs or pre heaters on diesels, the oil for the engine and gearbox, the energy to run the assembly line, and the cost of welding, painting and assembly.

As I said “Is it me or is the world getting odder?”

I am off to make the world a worse place by doing the ironing.




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