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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Wanker Bankers deferred bonuses: Mind your manners: Hog nosed skunk: Chuffin bonkers: and Cruising to save the world.

Oodles of lack of warm, nary a sprinkle of white fluffy stuff, absence of atmospheric movement and less sunny stuff than you could shake a solar panel at, at the Castle this morn, the butler is loading up the furnace conveyer belt with gangs of fat, carbon neutral teenagers and his Maj has discovered the joy of ambush from the top of the wardrobes.

And it seems that up Norf the wevver has not been as clement, which will please the school kiddlies no end.

And after a week and three days Blogger still hasn’t sorted out the IE/photos problem.


Pressure is building on Son of a.......Baronet and alien reptile in disguise George (let the plebs starve to death) Osborne tonight to introduce emergency measures to prevent big city banks from deferring multi-million pound bonus payments to their UK staff until after the 50p top rate of tax is abolished in April.
Allegedly Goldman Sachs was one of a number of city institutions looking at pushing back the pay-out date for deferred bonuses awarded in 2010, 2011 and 2012 until after April 6 when the top rate of income tax drops to 45p.
A number of foreign banks are also understood to be considering a similar move to (allegedly) Goldman. Bankers at state backed Royal Bank of Scotland will also benefit because it regularly pays bonuses in June.

 While the Treasury; run by the ginger headed rodent said matters of tax compliance was “for HMRC” and that they did not comment on the tax affairs of individual companies.

But do not forget-WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.....



According to Mark Hall, Gentleman Creation Officer for "Men's standards have slipped so far over recent years that any offer of chivalry from a gentleman knocks a woman off their guard and is viewed with outright suspicion.
The survey carried out by the online service, which helps men to dress well and offers free tips on etiquette, revealed just how much women rejected chivalrous behaviour.

The survey said:
82% of women said they would prefer to pay for their dinner on a first date
52% said they would happily pay for the entire bill on a first date
89% of women said they would not take up the offer from a man to carrying their bag
78% would not accept a coat from a man on a cold day
Only 34% of women said they expect men to open doors for them
8% said they would take up the offer of a seat if a man offered. In London, this figure was only 2 per cent.
The survey also came up with some surprising answers:
98% said they would like to be bought flowers, but only 32% had actually received flowers in the past twelve months
41% of women agreed men should be able to wear dresses

Oh dear, but at least we can wear a frock....



A group of rafters camping along the river in August was headed for bed when they noticed a black-and-white animal in the bushes near one of their tents. Jen Hiebert grabbed her camera, zoomed in and took some pictures.
When the rafters didn't see the skunk listed as one of the animals found at the Grand Canyon, Hiebert sent photos and a note to the National Park Service.
"It was just walking through the canyon, totally ignored us and was just digging away in the sand," said Hiebert, of Moscow, Idaho. "I'm not sure what it was after."
Grand Canyon biologists later confirmed the group's suspicion that it was a hog-nosed skunk.
At first, officials weren't sure whether the skunk was merely visiting the area, or if they should to add it to the list of about 90 mammals that live in the national park. They decided that by listing it - even as extremely rare - people might be on the lookout for more of the skunks, and that could help biologists determine how prevalent they are in the park.

U-Turn Cam isn’t in the ex-colonies by any chance is he?

Canadian Jason Schron loves VIA trains so much that he actually spent four and a half years and $10,000 building his own genuine replica of a 1980s VIA train cart, accurate down to the tiniest details, right in the basement of his home, in Vaughan, Ontario. 
Not bad for $10,000 Canadian Dollars or £9.50 in proper money.


Astronomers have discovered the largest known structure in the universe – a group of quasars so large it would take 4 billion years to cross it while travelling at speed of light.
The immense scale also challenges Albert Einstein’s Cosmological Principle, the assumption that the universe looks the same from every point of view, researchers said.
Quasars are believed to be the brightest objects in the universe, with light emanating from the nuclei of galaxies from the early days of the universe and visible billions of light-years away.
“Since 1982 it has been known that quasars tend to group together in clumps or ‘structures’ of surprisingly large sizes, forming large quasar groups or LQGs,” the society said.
This newly discovered large quasar group has a dimension of 500 megaparsecs, each megaparsec measuring 3.3 million light-years.
Because the LQG is elongated, its longest dimension is 1,200 megaparsecs, or 4 billion light-years, the society said.
That size is 1,600 times larger than the distance from Earth’s Milky Way to the nearest galaxy, the Andromeda.

Old Albert will be spinning in his cryogenic chamber.

And finally:

According to a ‘bombshell’ new book, “Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood & The Prison of Belief” Tom Cruise who is number 3 in the Hubbard hierarchy will save the world from aliens, he has signed a billion-year contract of service with the Church of Scientology, the book details Cruise’s demigod status within the church, as well as the group’s ultimate purpose — protect humanity from aliens living in our bodies, who are bent on destroying us and ultimately the planet.

Billion year contract-I do like an optimist....


And today’s thought:
RBS car park.