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Monday, 12 January 2009


BBC NEWS Our Gord is at it again -“Gordon Brown has promised to help 500,000 people into work or work-based training, as the government attempts to stop unemployment increasing further.”

“In a speech at the Science Museum in London, Mr Brown set out plans to prepare Britain for growth in sectors such as environmental technology, advanced manufacturing, healthcare and education.

He said: "Failure to act now and to do so in coordination with our international partners would mean a deeper and longer global recession.”

Gord also said-"We cannot always prevent people losing their jobs but we can help people finding their next jobs."

Cannot at all, would be more appropriate.

So, instead of preventing people losing their jobs his latest cunning plan is to let them become unemployed, then offer them “training” and extensive" job interview training.

Isn’t there something wrong with this scenario?

What next? If the number of unemployed reaches a level that the Gov thinks is too high, will we see the reintroduction of a benefit similar to “incapacity benefit”? (As the Tories did)

Or perhaps put everyone onto “training courses” which will reduce the number to zero.

Where are all the trainers going to come from?

Maybe Gord could use the people made redundant from skilled work to train the skilled unemployed workers in another skill.

The truth is-the Government and Gord in particular caused the recession, sorry the economic downturn, because of his policies of no regulation in the financial sector, now he wants us to believe that he really cares, and will produce 500,000 jobs from his Magic Hat.

Sorry Gord we are not buying it, what you need to do is put money in peoples pockets, so that the economy will restart, because if you don’t then it will be a long hard couple of years, and, at the end of it the job you wanted for eleven years or so and finally got will be handed over to David Cameron, god help us.

“It is an ancient political vehicle, held together by soft soap and hunger and with front-seat drivers and back-seat drivers contradicting each other in a bedlam of voices, shouting “go right” and “go left” at the same time.”-Adlai Stevenson-1952