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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Universal cock up: Pay per tick NHS: Les épouses françaises d'armée gets em orf: Orange-dog-knife-hospital: Hanging out in Frisco: and Parachuting Pussy.

Not a lot of lack of cold, even less atmospheric movement, just as much solar stuff and oodles of condensed skywater at the Castle this morn, the saga of the study is continuing at the speed of time, another couple of trips to the "recycling centre” on the cards for today and I have just returned from the stale bread, gruel and his Maj’s food run dahn Tesco-bit of a surprise Whiskas meat in jelly (his fave) has gorn dahn to three squids from £3.68 so I stocked up, and his Dreamies have gorn dahn from one squid and thirty nine pees to £1.00.

Oh joy I am a happy bunny...

No Dorries Dahn Unda this day, maybe tomorrow.

Online benefit claimants will from next year be asked to verify their identities by giving a password to one of a list of private organisations that includes a credit check company, international telecoms giant and a global defence company.
The Government yesterday announced its first seven partners in its controversial national Identity Assurance scheme which will allow online access next year to the new Universal Credit programme.
The initial partner organisations selected by the Department for Witless Pillocks includes: Post Office; Experian, the credit reference company; Cassidian, the defence and security division of the pan-European aerospace giant EADS; and the American global telecommunications giant Verizon.
The Identity Assurance scheme, revealed in The Independent last month, is intended to revolutionise the use of public services without creating a Government-run national online identity system. Ministers hope the programme will become a model for Identity Assurance for online access to all public services. Online users are given a choice of which partner to identify themselves with but the information on which government service is then accessed by the user is not shared with the third party organisation.
The other digital identity partners selected by the DWP for the first stage of the project were Digidentity, a Dutch-based digital company, Ingeus, an Australian welfare to work company, and Mydex, a British personal data company. Between them the companies, plus an unnamed eighth partner organisation will be paid £25m for their involvement in the project.
Other identity partners, including the High Street banks, may be introduced to the system as it is rolled out across Whitehall. Ministers hop the new identity model will “prevent ‘login fatigue’ [from] having too many usernames and passwords” and save public money by increasing trust in online services. The system is likely to be adopted by local authorities nationwide.

Couple of point:-what about those who do not have access to the Interweb thingy, and what the fuck has it got to do with the Post Office; Experian, Cassidian and any other “private” company?


Elf Secretary Jeremy CHunt has come up with a cunning plan for hospitals to be paid according to how many patients recommend its services to others, under a new NHS 'mandate' which sets out ministers priorities for the health service.

From April next year all patients staying overnight in hospital plus those attending A&E departments will be asked if they would be happy for their friends and family to be treated at the same hospital.

In October this will be extended to all women using maternity services and 'as rapidly as possible thereafter for all those using NHS services', the document said.

For the first time results in this area will be attached to finance. The report added: "Hospitals with good scores on the 'friends and family' test will be financially rewarded.

The details of how the payments will work have not been decided yet.

Another half-arsed half thought out balls up on the cards then, the only good news is that if it comes in Grimly Dark ‘orspital will be well and truly fucked.....


Hundreds of French women have bared their backs in a Facebook campaign for the payment of their soldier-husbands’ salaries. The French Ministry of Defence's faulty payments system has left them in the lurch.
Their Facebook group is called “Un paquet de Gauloises en colère”. And for this group of angry French soldiers’ wives, posing semi-naked has become the only way to protest against a computer glitch that has left their husbands unpaid. The Facebook campaign, which features wives, girlfriends, daughters and supporters of serving soldiers, baring their backs, has more than 17,000 members.

17,000: that’s more than all our soldiers put together.


When Christopher Lilje showed up at Firelands Regional Medical Centre at about 3 a.m. Tuesday, he had a knife sticking out of his chest, a Sandusky police report said.
Lilje, 18, told police he was using the knife to peel an orange when he tripped over his dog in the kitchen of his family's Hayes Avenue home. When he hit the ground, the knife plunged about 3 inches into his right pectoral muscle, the report said.
Lilje's mother told police her son's screams woke her up. She rushed downstairs and found him lying on the floor, the knife protruding from his chest.
Lilje told the Register late Tuesday he's doing much better, other than an aching chest.
"My dog follows me around wherever go. I tripped," Lilje said. "I'm doing a lot better now, just a little sore."

Numpty-who uses a knife to peel an orange?


Two dozen pro-nudity activists assembled on the steps of San Francisco City Hall on Wednesday to protest a proposed municipal ban on public nakedness.
"We are here today in response to an attack on our fundamental freedom, our freedom to be ourselves in our own city," disrobed rally organizer Gypsy Taub declared as her fellow activists displayed signs saying, "Nudity is Natural" and "Nude is not Lewd."
The nude protesters, including one using a cane and another in a wheelchair, walked with DiEdoardo two blocks to the federal courthouse, where an officer refused to allow them to enter disrobed. DiEdoardo, who was fully clothed, went inside to file the court papers.

Naked ambition?

And finally:


Swedish insurance company Folksam asked their customers how they should best advertise their services.
Customer Eva, a cat lover, asked to see skydiving cats spelling out her name in the sky while R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly" played in the background.

Go on w
atch the video- you know you want to...


And today’s thought:

And I only came in to pay the car park charge



Sunday, 9 September 2012

Cupid Stunt Hunt: Universal cock up: GPS say-you Pillock: and it’s fine to be dead.

Endless amounts of solar stuff, a whimsy of atmospheric movement, more than a smidge of lack of warm stuff and even less wet stuff at the Castle this morn.
Spent a while in the garden yestermorn touching up the fences and counting the green tomatoes which look like they will remain non red this autumn.
The sinus thingy still seems to be rampaging through my facial tunnels despite the industrial strength antibiotics and his Maj has discovered the joy of pilchards in tomato sauce.

And the other big sporty thing up in the Smoke finally wheels to a close this holy for some day...


Jeremy Hunt, the new health secretary, personally intervened to encourage the controversial takeover of NHS hospitals in his constituency by a private company, Virgin Care, raising fresh concerns last night over his appointment.
Hunt, who replaced Andrew Lansley in last week's cabinet reshuffle, was so concerned by a delay to the £650m deal earlier this year that he asked for assurances from NHS Surrey officials that it would be swiftly signed.
Virgin Care, which is part-owned by Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Group, subsequently agreed on a five-year contract in March to run seven hospitals along with dentistry services, sexual health clinics, breast cancer screening and other community services. The takeover took place despite concerns being raised in the local NHS risk register about the impact on patient care following the transfer of management from the NHS to one of the country's largest private healthcare firms, until recently known as Assura Medical.
Doubts over Hunt's new role have also been sparked by the revelation that he co-authored a book that supported transforming the NHS into a system of universal insurance where patients buy health care from the provider of their choice.
A source close to Hunt denied that the minister wrote the section in the book about the NHS and said that "it does not reflect his views".

Another Cupid Stunt in the Piss Poor Policies Millionaires Club Coalition sideboard...


Over 70 organisations, many involved in the move to set up the Universal Credit system, have expressed concerns about plans to access benefits online.
They say many people do not use the internet and have also expressed doubts about government IT systems.
But the government says online management of the new system, to be introduced in 2013, will save money.
The Universal Credit aims to make the benefits system simpler by replacing five work-based benefits - with just one benefit.
Ministers have also said they are determined to reform the system, so it pays people to work rather than claim benefits.
But written evidence - submitted to MPs by organisations representing councils, charities, trades unions, business groups and housing organisations - reveals fears about the push to ensure claims are made online.
Community charity Citizens Advice argues that eight and a half million people have never used the internet.
"The new Universal Credit system risks causing difficulties to the 8.5 million people who have never used the internet and a further 14.5 million who have virtually no ICT skills," it says in more than 500 pages of testimony submitted to the House of Commons Work and Pensions Committee and seen by BBC Radio 4's The World This Weekend.
Fears are raised about paying Universal Credit monthly and to just one person per household, which could "upset the family dynamic".
And concerns that the government computer network required might not be finished on time for the launch, or be sufficiently robust, are also expressed.
Ministers say those who struggle to use the online system will still have access to face-to-face help and telephone assistance.
And they insist the timetable for the introduction of Universal Credit remains on track to begin in October 2013.
It will be phased in over a number of years, with eight million households signed up by 2017.
In its own submission to MPs, the Department for Work and Pensions says rigorous testing of the IT system is already under way.
It adds that managing Universal Credit online makes sense as it saves money and most jobs do now require computer skills.

Universal Credit replaces...

Jobseeker's allowance

Tax credits

Income support

Employment and support allowance

Housing benefits


As for data security-see yesterday’s post on the post...



GPS say NO!

Despite several warnings from the lady in the dashboard this Numpty Russian driver still managed to smack into the back of a lorry. 

I do love a Cupid Stunt behind the wheel....

And finally:

A cop who was canned for ticketing dead people says he was doing it to meet the NYPD’s supposedly non-existent monthly quotas.
In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Paul Pizzuto says he started issuing bogus summonses after brass at the 120th Precinct in Staten Island told him he had to produce more than the 125 to 150 he was already writing.
“Specifically, Pizzuto was told that he needed to start issuing more summonses for red-light and seat-belt violations” and was warned he would be moved “if he did not issue the increased number of summonses,” the suit says.
Pizzuto “prepared summonses by taking information from legitimate summonses that he had issued in the past. But he prepared the summonses in such a way that they would not impact any motorists,” the filing says.
He was busted for the scam after his colleagues noticed he never had to testify about the tickets.
Pizzuto, 41, who pleaded guilty in May to three counts of falsifying business records, was sentenced to 150 hours of community service, but contends that his firing was improper because he didn’t get a hearing first.

He was officially fired in June.

 To serve, protect, lie and steal.....


And today’s thought:
And then I crept up behind her and....