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Monday, 25 March 2013

The joy of spring: fat flyers: kissing a pussy: and the Null Ship.

Much snowy stuff, even more lack of warm, not quite as much atmospheric movement and sod all solar activity at the Castle this morn, the white stuff, a touch of frost and skywater has managed to bollocks up the interweb thingy all weekend, every time I tried to post it went tits up and then came back on when I gave up-ditto-ditto-ditto, so I eventually submitted to nature and abandoned the blog until today. 

All seems connected-so far, the elbow isn’t recovering that well, been four days since the pecking and it still hurts like buggery (I know because I have had a prostate exam).

Shortish post this morn-just in case.

Allegedly plans are afoot which would see passengers pay according to how much they – and their luggage – weigh.
Norwegian aviation expert Dr Bharat P Bhatta’s ideas could also mean falling costs for slimmer travellers.
Dr Bhatta of the Sogn og Fjordane University College in Norway said: ‘As weight and space are far more important in aviation than other modes of transport, airlines should take this into account when pricing their tickets.’
Airline bosses are to consider three variations, including a scheme where air-users would be charged according to their weight along with their luggage.
Another option would see passengers paying a base fare plus or minus an extra charge.
A third variant would see a standard fare for passengers within 25 per cent above or below a set weight limit, with a discount or surcharge depending on whether they are over or under that span.

Jumbo Jets?


Mulan Jamila, a four-year-old Bengal tiger, shares a sloppy kiss with keeper Soleh.
The pair has become inseparable and have regular rough and tumble play fights at the Al Khaffah Islamic school in Malang in Indonesia’s east Java province.
The tiger was a gift from a friend and is kept as a pet under a government permit.
Mulan Jamila has been Soleh’s pet since the age of three months and now gets through 11 pounds of meat a day. 

Good luck with that-wonder how much a human head weighs....

And finally:

A vacuum airship, also known as a vacuum balloon, is a hypothetical airship that is evacuated rather than filled with a lighter than air gas such as hydrogen or helium. First proposed by Italian monk Francesco Lana de Terzi in 1670, [1] the vacuum balloon would be the ultimate expression of displacement lift power. …
An airship operates on the principle of buoyancy where air is the fluid in contrast to a ship where water is the fluid. The density of air at standard temperature and pressure is 1.28 g/L and 1 L of displaced air has sufficient buoyant force to lift 1.28 g. Airships use an airbag to displace a large volume of air; the bag is usually filled with a lightweight gas such as helium. The total lift generated by an airship is equal to the weight of the air it displaces, regardless of the materials used in its construction or the gas used to fill the airbag; However for flight it is necessary for the total lift capacity to exceed the ship’s weight, which includes the weight of the gas used to fill the airbag

Using the molar volume, the mass of 1 L of helium (at 1 atmospheres of pressure) is found to be 0.18 g, since every displaced litter provides 1.28 g of lift the effective lift is reduced by 14%.

Vacuum airships would theoretically replace the helium gas with a near-vacuum environment and would theoretically be able to provide the full lift potential of displaced air. The main problem with the concept of vacuum airships however is that with a near-vacuum inside the airbag, the outside pressure would exert enormous forces on the airbag and causing it to collapse if not supported. Though it is possible to reinforce the airbag with an internal structure, it is theorized that any structure strong enough to withstand the forces would invariably weigh the vacuum airship down and exceed the total lift capacity of the airship, preventing flight …

Worth a try though....


And today’s thought:
Spring has sprung