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Monday, 17 November 2008


A bit of a pot-pourie today.

I was watching the early news this morning and this story caught my interest.

BBC NEWS UK Unlicensed tanning drug use rises

Melanotan is a drug that has been developed as a possible treatment for certain skin diseases, it is still on trial, and is not licensed for use in the UK.

Young people are buying this drug on the Internet in order to get a “year round tan” because it makes the skin darker.

It seems that if you INJECT this drug once a day for ten days and then “top up” once a week it gives the impression of a sun tan.

The young ladies in the news article are attractive, and seem to be sensible, so WHY are they risking their health for a bloody sun tan?

No one knows what the side effects are, no one knows the long-term damage this drug can cause, and it seems that these young people don’t seem to care.

I can appreciate that these ladies want to look good, personally I look as if I have been in a train crash most days, but I wouldn’t inject an untested, unknown drug into my body.

Please ladies, stop doing this, at least wait until the trials are finished, and then buy it from a reputable source, if it is available then, you don’t know what is in this drug and you don’t know what it will do to you, please stop.

Another story that bemused me was the opt out donor card fiasco. It is expected to be kicked out today by politicians, personally I don’t see a problem with opting out, if people have to make an effort to register not to donate organs, then it may make them think and perhaps decide to “opt in”.

Some of the medical profession are saying that organs would be wasted because of “lack of capacity” which I presume means that they don’t have the facilities to carry out more transplants-will somebody please make up their bloody minds!

The medical profession is welcome to anything they want from my body when I am gone, that’s if there is anything worth having of course.

And yet another bemusing item-BBC NEWS Science & Environment Shark-cam captures ocean motion

Scientists have managed to collect some Whale Shark crap, how wonderful, if they want proper crap, just read the GMC dictates.

And finally-BBC NEWS UK Are we negative about our children?

Barnado’s are whingeing that we are “demonising” children, and have got them totally wrong, I did my bit to help-NHS: Hug a Hoodie?!, I can do no more. So I can be really smug and leave the arguments to the “experts”

And finally, finally. a message to me old mate in Oz, he will understand this, even if no one else does.

El Cleef (don't ask), I don't know which bleeding browser you are using but being where you are it's probably-DUNNY EXPLORER, it is not "reading" the bleeding script properly and is Transposing The " for the ?, it works perfectly here.

Keep your nuts away from the barbie.