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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Rectangular Bananas: Harry goes north: Bridge under troubled water: Ark Royal-make your bid: Willie-or won’t he: and Flushed with success.

Some sort of weather at the Castle this morn, too dark to see because we are now in “British Summer Time” which means that it doesn’t get light till later in the am.
Went to Cobham yesterday pm to have a look at my very rich git of a mate’s DB5 which was only running on five out of the six cylinders-duff plug on number four, but I did get very rich git of a mate to hold onto the plug cap while I turned it over and watched as several thousand volts dc shot up his arm and made him jump four feet in the air-joy.

Nuclear officials in Japan caused confusion and worry on Sunday by admitting that radiation readings at the stricken Fukushima power plant were inaccurate.
Initially, levels of radiation in the water at the plant were said to be 10 million times above normal. But officials later retracted that calculation and said the level was 100,000 times normal. The embarrassing admission is the latest in a series of missteps that has undermined the credibility of authorities’ attempts to deal with the plant.

Only 100,000 times normal-oh well that’s alright then…….

According to the Daily Torygraph the RAF risks running short of pilots for operations over Libya as cuts to the defence budget threaten to undermine front-line operations,
Since the conflict began, a squadron of 18 RAF Typhoon pilots has enforced the Libya no-fly zone from an air base in southern Italy. However, a shortage of qualified fighter pilots means the RAF may not have enough to replace all of them when the squadron has to rotate in a few weeks.
The situation is so serious that the RAF has halted the teaching of trainee Typhoon pilots so instructors can be drafted on to the front line, according to air force sources. The handful of pilots used for air shows will also be withdrawn from displays this summer.

Piss Poor Policies Dave C strikes again………

The UK has rejected proposals from the EU which call for a ban on petrol and diesel cars from city centres by 2050.
The European Commission said phasing out "conventionally fuelled" cars from urban areas would cut reliance on oil and help cut carbon emissions by 60%.
But UK Transport Minister Norman Baker said it should not be "involved" in individual cities' transport choices.
"We will not be banning cars from city centres anymore than we will be having rectangular bananas," he said.

They won’t need to; by 2050 petrol will be so expensive only MPs will be able to afford to run a car-at our expense of course.

Prince Harry has arrived in the Arctic to join four disabled servicemen facing a challenging 200-mile (320km) trek across the polar ice cap.
The prince, patron of the charity Walking With The Wounded, will join the men on the first five days of what is expected to be a four-week mission.
They hope to enter the record books as the first disabled team to walk unassisted to the North Pole.
The charity aims to raise £2m from the trek to help injured servicemen.

Good for him, that should clear the stag do hangover.

An aqueduct across a highway in Guangdong province, south China, fell into the path of an oncoming bus after it was struck by a lorry.
Passengers screamed when they saw the concrete ahead but disaster was averted by the driver who brought the vehicle to a stop just feet from the fallen structure.

Typical, no aqueducts for hours then they start falling from the sky.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has the Ark Royal up for sale on an official used equipment website.
The Royal Navy aircraft carrier was taken out of service earlier this year as part of government budget cuts. It was decommissioned in Portsmouth earlier this month, and is up for sale on, a website run by the MoD’s Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) arm.
Individuals and organizations interested in purchasing the former flagship of the Royal Navy — which was launched by Queen Elizabeth in 1981 — have to submit their proposals for the ship to the MoD for approval.
“We need to be assured of the viability of the person or organization...including how they intend to store, maintain and dispose of the ship before the sale can be agreed,” DE&S spokesman Tim Foreman told Reuters on Monday.

I’ll start the bidding at £1.50, I presume there is no reserve……..

A West Texas prosecutor says that singer Willie Nelson can resolve marijuana possession charges if he agrees to plead guilty, pay a fine and sing "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" for the court.
County Attorney Kit Bramblett told The Associated Press Friday that he recommended those penalties to Hudspeth County's judge Becky Dean-Walker. Bramblett says the judge specifically demanded that Nelson appear in court instead of pleading by mail, a common procedure in these cases.
Bramblett says, "She wants to meet Willie."
Dean-Walker did not immediately return a call Friday.
Nelson was arrested for possession of marijuana on Nov. 26 at a Border Patrol checkpoint after an agent smelled an odour coming from the vehicle and decided to search it.
Nelson's spokeswoman declined to comment.

Silly Willie.

And finally:

Mr Goose, 42, was in Malawi to check on aid projects backed by his company's One projects when he rescued the forlorn animal.
He was preparing for bed in his hotel room when he discovered the struggling squirrel.
He said: 'I was concerned it was going to jump out and bite me, so I put the lid back down and left it for a minute as I wasn't sure what to do.'
When he returned shortly after to take a second look he realised it was a squirrel and set about rescuing the poor critter.
His method was putting a hand towel down the toilet which allowed the squirrel to climb up.
Once out he placed it in a laundry basket, took it outside and released it.
Mr Goose said: 'It didn't seem too much the worse for wear so hopefully it's recovered from the experience and will go on to have a happy life devoid of toilet bowl experiences.'

That’ll teach him to eat all those nuts the night before…..

That’s it: I’m orf to get some apps for the Ipad2 (if I had one).

And today’s thought: An ex footballers mentality- "If history repeats itself, I should think we can expect the same thing again." - Terry Venables.