Wednesday, 15 October 2008

And Now For The News

From the Sun (sorry)

Lord Darzi in the Khazi (again).

NHS wrong operation blunder The Sun News

A woman who went into St Mary’s in Paddington for an investigative gynaecological op was taken instead to theatre where a gastrointestinal surgeon removed her Gall Bladder “by mistake”.

Lord Darzi is in charge of General Surgery at St Mary’s.

The Trust said it would be “inappropriate” to comment”

Well I have a comment-What the F. is going on?

This is the same Lord Darzi that said, “High Quality Care For All is the culmination of a year of outstanding work by many people in the NHS all over England.” In his report “Our NHS”.

-Our NHS, our future » Archive » the next phase starts now

He also said in a No 10 web chat. » Lord Darzi NHS web chat

“The report published on Monday sets the scene for where we want to take the NHS to over the next 10 years. An NHS that is based on high quality care, personalised and tailored around the needs of patients, and providing safe, effective treatment and doing all it can to prevent ill health. What did you think of it?”

As I said in my blog “A plethora of rages”

NHS: A Plethora of Rages - The NHS Complaints Procedure

On NHS Exposed, “The next phase starts now”, stop brown nosing, listen to the public, and finish the “phase” we are in now before coming out with a load of bollocks.”

It seems I was correct because his lordship can’t even train his own team properly, and I note that he hasn’t bothered to comment. What a wanker.

Sex is the key to living longer-the sun (sorry).

Reasons why sex is good for you

Sex keeps you fit, which is great if you can actually get any.

The NHS Constitution. From the Telegraph.

NHS constitution to guarantee minimum standards of care

Lord Darzi rears his ugly head again.
The good news is- “Plans to force people to lose weight or give up smoking in exchange for rights to health care have also been dismissed.”
The bad news is- if it is as effective as the “Patients Charter” introduced by John Major in 1991 we are all kurwa*** as they say in Poland.

And then there is this from the Times

Motherhood boosts female brain power

“Pregnant women do undergo a phase of so-called baby brain, when they experience an apparent loss of function,” said Craig Kinsley, professor of neuroscience at the University of Richmond, Virginia.

“However, this is because their brains are being remodelled for motherhood to cope with the many new demands they will experience.

“The changes that kick in then could last for the rest of their lives, bolstering cognitive abilities and protecting them against degenerative diseases.”

“Although most studies have so far focused on animals, it is likely women also gain long-lasting benefits from motherhood. Most mammals share similar maternal behaviours controlled by the same brain regions,” he said.”

I refuse to comment on the grounds that I may be murdered.

This is from Auntie

Concern over giant database idea

“The government's terror watchdog has expressed concern about proposals for a giant database to store details of all phone calls, e-mails and internet use.”

Thank god for that, the “Government” is not exactly known for its data security, they have managed to lose, prisoners details, armed service personnel details, and god knows what else. To have a data base with our emails and phone calls is about akin to giving the terrorists an "A" bomb with a big red button saying “Press Here” on it.

And finally

From the Beeb

Faecal bacteria join the commute

A really pleasant thing that you really do not want to know.

“More than one in four commuters have bacteria from faeces on their hands, an investigation suggests.

Scientists from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine swabbed 409 people at bus and train stations in five major cities in England and Wales.

The further north they went, the more often they found commuters with faecal bacteria on their hands - men in Newcastle were the worst offenders.”

“In Newcastle and Liverpool, men were more likely than women to show contamination - 53% of men compared with 30% of women in Newcastle and 36% of men compared with 31% of women in Liverpool
In the other three cities - London, Cardiff and Birmingham - the women's hands were dirtier.

People who had used the bus had higher rates of hand contamination than those who had used the train.

Manual workers had cleaner hands than other professionals, students, retired people or the unemployed”

So you can’t blame us men because you ladies are just as bad.
Enjoy your lunch.

Angus Dei

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