Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Enough of the doom and gloom

Lets have a bit of fun.

The Bush Stone Curlew is an endangered species and faces extinction. And it’s no bloody wonder, I have seen some ugly birds in my time but this one breaks the mirror.
But I suppose its’ mother loves it.

Men in Japan have taken to wearing “man bras”, They are hitching up their man boobs (moobs), finding out their cup sizes, and getting into male bras.

What can you say? Mine’s a 42A please.

Hamelin, the pied piper town is infested with rats.

Officials in Hamelin have expressed alarm at a surge in the rat population much like the great plague in 1284 on which the story is based.tquite a nice thing because it this the rat town, and then to be able to be the real rat catcher, well, this is something really great" - Guenter Loeschener
But not all of the residents of the town see the rat-infestation as a problem.
Town rat-catcher Guenter Loeschner said: "I think it is quite a nice thing because it this the rat town, and then to be able to be the real rat catcher, well, this is something really great.

Whatever floats your boat I suppose.

Panda attacks Chinese man, who wanted a cuddle,

A panda at a zoo in southern China attacked a student, who snuck into its pen hoping for a cuddle with the endangered bear,

"The panda, named Yangyang, was wide awake. Apparently scared by the intruder, he bit at Liu's arms and legs,"

Of course it did you firkin moron it’s a BEAR.

Thieves broke into the Norwegian criminal police's headquarters in Oslo, making off with several computers. Oslo police have launched an investigation. But they can’t do much, because................................................................ they haven’t got any computers.

A police chief in a remote county of south-western China has taken down 48 of his relatives for various crimes including brothers, cousins and a number of his wife's family, local media said on Tuesday.
Laobulaluo, a police chief in Heizhugou township, Sichuan province, had seen 25 relatives either jailed, sent for "re-education through labour," or punished in other ways, according to a report posted on state news portal Chinanews.com.

"In the first few years, I did not dare head back to my hometown to pass the New Year holiday, but now it's all right. Everyone understands and supports what I was doing at the time," the report quoted him as saying.

Yeah right, Blood-water?

That’s the lot.



James Higham said...

Man bras? Oh my goodness.

CherryPie said...

I have no idea why a man would want to wear a bra!!! They are so uncomfortable...

angus said...

Perhaps it's a way to stop "joggers nipple".