Thursday, 27 November 2008


Well Gord, do you think we got away with it?

With what Ali?

You know Gord the Pre Budget thingy

Oh that, yes I’m sure we managed to
Hoodwink them again.

It will work won’t it Gord?

Of course Ali Darling, and anyway
Even if it doesn’t we can still blame
the banks for not lending any money.

No Gord I mean the VAT thingy, will it make
them spend?

It’s Ok Ali, if it works we are heroes
And if it doesn’t it’s their bloody fault
for taking the pittance we gave them
and not rushing out to the shops to spend

Oh good, Gord, no problems then.

No Ali I have no problems because I am
not the Chancellor, you are

Oh good GORD!

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