Tuesday, 14 April 2009


I have never been one to procrastinate, at least I thought I wasn’t, but I have been sitting here since about 6.30 this morning reading the news on line and watching it on the TV and reading other blogs trying to drum up some enthusiasm to write.

I have told myself I will start after just one more cup of coffee, or when I have completed my rounds of the blogs, but it didn’t work; one of the problems is that the news is boring, and the bloggers seem to have covered their subjects far better than I could, so to waste a bit of time I thought I would write a piece on wasting time.

Like everyone else there is so much to do-the garden needs to be sorted, the car needs a thorough clean inside and out, there are countless jobs around the house that need doing and there are blogs to write and work to do.

And here I am still sitting here thinking about it, personally I blame Easter, nothing seems to have happened in the world, apart from the email thing which has been flogged to death by the media, to the point that I have lost interest, we all know what politics is like so should we really be surprised or outraged.

I thought of posting some more “funny” pictures but decided that is a cop-out, then I thought I would do a roundup of other blogs but I still feel that I don’t really have the experience to review other bloggers’ work.

So here I sit strangely content in my procrastination, to be honest it is nice not to “do” anything, and comfortable not to think for a while, it pleases my senses to languish on the sofa and watch the world go by, and watch the blue tits and the goldfinches going about their business, and the bumble bees staggering about in their impossible flight, to see the colours that have erupted without notice and the trees that are suddenly turning green, but it can’t last, I must get going, well maybe after another cup of coffee, or two.

They said procrastination was the source of all my sorrow, I don't know what that big word means - I'll look it up tomorrow” by somebody or other.


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CherryPie said...

Most of my days are like that...

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Mine, too! Funny you should write about that, Angus, as I'm thinking of starting a procrastinators' group on facebook! I'll do it in a minute - or maybe tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I have the similar problem of indicisivness i think thats how you spell it or maybe not, oh well any way my problem is i can decide... anything , i think . Well Maybe i can decide a few things but not really, well maybe so ZI dont think i relate at all forget it all..