Sunday, 9 August 2009

Second Sunday post

Thought I would give my esteemed readers a glimpse of the Angus garden, not too much mind you I don’t want to get you too excited.

The weather (for certain people) is warm, sunny and still, the grass is damp and the birds are having a cough.

First up:
my garden work space.

Very comfortable with a cushion on the seat, and of course a second cushion for the Rat Faced Bat Cat who invariably joins me.
Next is my favourite spot to sit, again very comfortable with a cushion, or two, and ideal for letting the mind wander and the body relax.

Then there are the wall boxes which have remained barren for four years, until I went to a local nursery and purchased two boxes of “mixed” for a fiver, and are just coming good. And of course the hanging baskets which again are just coming into bud.

And the Quiet Corner.

It is only a small patio but it is now colourful and “happy”.



Angus Dei politico



CherryPie said...

It looks lovely, I really should get out and do something with mine. The weather is perfect for doing just that :-)

Phidelm said...

I second Cherie's admiring comment. And I am so far managing to stay in control of myself, which means that you've judged the display nicely ;-).
Curiously, your workspace looks almost identical to mine at former homestead ...

angus said...

Cherrypie and Phidelm

merci beaucoup:)

James Higham said...

If that's your garden - that's fabulous. Oh the cups of tea out there!

angus said...

Yes James it really is my garden, as is the Rat Faced Bat Cat, mine all mine!

And yes many a cup of tea is enjoyed at the workspace with the RFBC of course:)

Dr. Liz Miller said...

Angus - what a lovely space! thank you for sharing,

angus said...

My pleasure Liz,and it really is a pleasure.

His Girl Friday said...

Lovely, Angus, looks quite relaxing. :)