Sunday, 25 October 2009


Posted because of public demand.


Bribble is that thing we keep
Doing while we are asleep
It is the reason for our ills
And can cause pain
And sometimes chills

Elbow out elbow in
Arm trapped, leg bent Bribble wins
Till the limb is filled with pins
And needles from a Bribble act
It’s very painful that’s a fact

The duvet that is snatched away
Leaving Goosebumps in its sway
Scratch that ankle, poke that eye
Half awake with painful sigh
Bribble has you all awry

Bribble waits until in slumber
Body parts it will encumber
Twisted disc, twisted neck
So to the doctor we must trek
Leaving us a total wreck

Waking up with body bent
Bribble makes sure no pain is sent
Until you wake and try to move
Bribble has a point to prove
Of calming sleep it disapproves

While you sleep it does its work
On its face a knowing smirk
Knowing that you can’t fight back
While you slumber in the sack
Bribble always will attack

So when you go to bed tonight
Be prepared for Bribble blight
Be prepared to wake up sore
Be prepared for Bribble war
It doesn’t matter anymore

Cause Bribble has the upper hand
Your body is at its command
The only way to stop the Bribble
Is lie awake and read or scribble
Have some tea or have a nibble

And do not sleep for all of time
But no sleep will make you climb
The walls with brain of slime
Bribble knows you will succumb
Cause Bribble has you under thumb

There is no way to defeat Bribble
Eyes so sore and mouth that dribbles
Cold feet cold hands dribble’s fault
Never will the Bribble halt
To make us suffer all our days




Angus Dei politico


CherryPie said...

I think that about sums it up :-)

bribbler said...

Will someone please send this link to Ironside who has been asking what a Bribble means?

Dedene said...

Very funny. I'd never heard of this before, but I think my house is invested with it.

James Higham said...

Do you think Bribbling increases with stress?

angus said...

Ta CherryPie:)


Not surprised you haven't heard of Bribble. I only "discovered" it on Saturday:)


Most definitely, it seems that the rate of Bribbling is proportional to the angst of the day:)