Sunday, 31 July 2011

The Fat lady: Tottering on to 120: Porbeagle takes a bite of Currie: Crap Cockroaches: Golf cart boat-not: and Holy Rollers.

‘Tis decent-ish at the Castle this morn, sunny, warm, calm and dry, in reply to Bernard’s comment on Friday’s post the “polo” is a bit of parrotstyrene from the bottom of the box the plants came in and the “two pound” coin in just a bit of cardboard-the snail is dead.... 

Many, many thanks for all the kind words, comments and emails re yesterday’s post, six long years, seems like six hours, but life must go on.....

The Express is mourning the loss of the “Fat lady” a 30-year-old 61lb 6oz carp that was found floating in St Ives Lakes, Cambs. It had often been caught but always put back.
Anglers across the UK came to see her. Fishery owner Gordon Howes said: “The Fat Lady was such a draw.” 

Carp and chips in Cambridgeshire tonight then.......

Babies born today could eventually spend half of their lives in retirement; ministers are expected to claim this week, as they set out the need for reform of the pension system.
A quarter of girls under 20 and a fifth of boys are already expected to live to 100, according to the Department for Work and Pensions. But medical advances and improved diets could mean people living even longer, with growing numbers celebrating their 110th or even 120th birthday. Most pensions are designed to fund around 20 years out of work.
The coalition is moving the state pension age to 66 for men and women by 2020, but future changes could be linked to life expectancy. Iain Duncan Smith, the Work and Pensions Secretary, previously warned that "in a country in which 11 million of us will live to be 100, we simply cannot go on paying the state pension at an age that was set early in the last century." 

I wonder how the next generation will take having to work to one hundred.

An 8ft shark bit off more than it could chew when it came up against fisherman ­Hamish Currie.
The 52-year-old skipper ­struggled for two hours to land the 300lb monster, which his crewmates dubbed “The Beast”.
Hamish had to call on every one of his 45 years of experience as a fisherman as the dangerous Porbeagle shark rammed his 30ft rigid inflatable boat, sunk its teeth into the port side and bit into one of his ­crewmates’ boots.
Yesterday he described the ­moment he knew something out of the ordinary had taken a bite on his line.
“When she started ramming I knew she was a real bad fish, a wicked girl,” he said. “She took two bites and ­punctured the boat. I think she lost a couple of teeth when she took those chunks.
“I’ve landed loads of sharks over the years but she was by far the worst. They can be aggressive but she was really, really angry. She was unbelievable.”
“We had her on the boat for no more than five minutes before we threw her back.”

Porbeagles – which are closely related to the Great Whites ­featured in Hollywood thriller Jaws – have been known to attack ­humans, although it is rare. Three non-fatal attacks were recorded in 2009.

No Porbeagle and chips in Portnahaven tonight then....

Kole Aboke, a teacher at St. Mary’s College, fell in a pit latrine in Central division on Saturday as he looked for cockroaches for a Biology practical lesson.
According to a source, the teacher was given money to buy 80 cockroaches for the lesson, but opted to look for the specimen himself. A Good Samaritan who helped pull out the teacher from the latrine said it took them one hour to rescue him.
The teacher had reportedly collected 40 cockroaches by the time he fell in the latrine.

Ochan, an eye witness of the rescue mission, said the teacher first took local brew with his colleagues before he left to collect the specimens. Ochan said the teacher sustained minor injuries and was rushed to Megwa clinic in Lira town.

That’ll teach him to be a cheapskate.

During yesterday's Ricoh women's British Open at Carnoustie this golf buggy ended up in Barry Burn.
No name was being given out by tight-lipped tournament officials, who confirmed only that the driver had been a support technician for the broadcaster ESPN, who leaped clear as the vehicle approached the edge. 

That’ll teach him to rely on sat nav.....

And finally: 

The Peirogi Parade in Whiting, Ind., is billed as one-of-a-kind and off the wall, and on Friday night the Holy Rollers made the parade even more memorable.
The Holy Rollers are nuns from the Carmelite Order of St. Joseph. They were on roller skates, making their first appearance in the parade.
The Peirogi Festival is a celebration of Whiting's Eastern European heritage. Among the attractions are 19 peirogi vendors serving polish dumplings stuffed with an assortment of fillings including alligator.
The festival runs through Sunday in downtown Whiting.

Wonder if there are Plumbers Pole Vaulting with copper pipe?

And today’s thought:  The large print giveth, but the small print taketh away.



CherryPie said...

I think I would be feeling angry too if someone put a hook in my mouth!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I agree with Cherie! Those nuns scare me more [than the shark - not Cherie!]