Monday, 26 September 2011

Balls won’t budge: Tories break yet another promise: Lost properly: Big flashlight: Patently daft: and there’s an app for fat.

Damp, drizzly, dismal and muggy at the Castle this morn, just got back from the stale bread, gruel and pussy food run at Tesco.
After all the hype about cutting prices I was expecting great things-that’ll teach me, I purchased exactly the same stuff as last week and it cost £2 MORE!

No surprises there then....

Apparently Ed (starey eyes) Balls has been banned by Ed (clone B) Miliband from promising to reverse any of the Coalition Government's spending cuts as part of Labour's attempt to regain credibility on the economy.
In an interview with The Independent, the shadow Chancellor said: "No matter how much we dislike particular Tory spending cuts or tax rises, we can't make promises now to reverse them. I'm clear that I won't do that and neither will any of my Shadow Cabinet colleagues." Mr Balls has ordered Labour frontbenchers to clear any spending commitments, however small, with him and Ed Miliband.

And the difference between the Piss Poor Policies Coalition and Labour is?

Britain's best farmland will no longer be shielded from development, proposed new planning rules suggest, reversing a pledge made by the Conservatives before the last election.
Instead, the new National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), which is generating fierce opposition from countryside and heritage groups, suggests that even "the best and most versatile agricultural land" can be built on in certain circumstances.  

Handy for all those super rich “gentlemen farmers” with the odd couple of hundred acres going spare.

False teeth, a stuffed otter, a telescope and a fully-dressed male mannequin have all been handed in to police stations across the country as lost property.
Other "unusual" items dealt with by Scotland's police forces include a towelling bath robe, garden gnomes, snowboards, vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, an exercise mat and a garden bench, as well as thousands of sets of keys.
The most common items for almost all the force areas included purses and wallets, keys, mobile phones, money and jewellery.

Tayside Police said 1,816 animals had been taken to police stations, making it the seventh most common "item" to be handed into the force. The force also recorded 3,937 sets of keys were dealt with.

Lothian and Borders Police have received 51,354 items since August 2009, and Strathclyde Police recorded 35,849, including nearly 11,000 items of clothing and more than 6,000 purses, wallets or bags.

Grampian Police recorded a total of 40,160 items, while Central Scotland said it had received just 1,790, making it the area with the least amount of lost property handed in to police stations in the last two years.

Property is kept for a maximum of three months - two months to be claimed by the owner before one month is allowed for the finder to lay a claim on the item.

Following that, items are either; destroyed, recycled, donated to charity or sold at auction.

Lost cause?

It's as long as a VW Golf car, consumes the same amount of energy as a typical 1-litre capacity kettle, and can provide 11 years of uninterrupted illumination.
The world's largest flashlight made its debut at the Lichternacht (Festival of Lights) in Solingen, Germany, Saturday, and made its way straight into the Guinness Book of Records.
Made by Zweibrüder Optoelectronics, the flashlight features 19 high-powered LED lights.
"This flashlight isn't just a high performer, it came about thanks to high performance -- 230 hours of work went into its production," says Sven Objartel, the company's managing director.

Think I’ll stick to the oil lamp......

Ignacio Marc Asperas of Melville, N.Y., is now the official holder of a patent that is S’now joke. Entitled “Apparatus for Facilitating the Construction of a Snow Man/Woman”, the 25-page patent document is a perfect how-to guide for making snowmen -- it even offers a brief history of snowman, which Asperas called "unknown."
From constructing a spherically shaped body to forming an adhesion surface, he outlined every obstacle faced when on a quest to build the "Ultimate Snowman."
Other patents such as the wheeled flower pot and the crustless peanut butter and jelly sandwich are available....

And you can even colour in the picture....

And finally: 

Japan’s top mobile phone operator NTT DoCoMo is to unveil a Smartphone with changeable "jackets" that measure bad breath, body fat and even radiation levels.
DoCoMo says it has developed technology that allows users to measure their own bodies or surroundings by slipping their smart phones inside sensor-embedded shells.
The company will showcase the technology at the Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies, a fair featuring the latest in high-end gadgetry, starting in early October near Tokyo.
As well as radiation, the company said it would also demonstrate a case that determines if the holder has bad breath or smells of alcohol as well as checking levels of skin-damaging ultraviolet light.
A third case, dubbed the "health management" jacket, will measure body fat and muscle bulk.

 Is there an app to stop stupid apps?

That’s it: I’m orf to check out other apps.BBC News - Warning about cost of rogue apps

And today’s thought: Always be on the lookout for conspicuousness otherwise it’s hard to tell if someone is inconspicuous.



Bernard said...

Cost you £2 more!
No surprises there Angus the trusting.
Tesc are in business, and that involves 'not making a loss'.
Any offer of a reduction always means that they are going to 'bury' price rises elsewhere.
Ok, they knock 15p of a loaf of stale bread - but they sneak a 1p increase on a hundreds of other items, hoping that the customers won't notice.
Result - continued profit.
I avoid them if I can.
The latest I heard is that they are now thinking of buying up 'Wyevale' the garden centre chain!
Is there no stopping them?

Angus said...

Checked it out this morn Bernard the observant, cheese has rocketed in price, as has milk and "processes meat", useful for Tesco to take over garden centres, they can use all the Bull shit to make the plants grow:)