Tuesday, 25 October 2011

No choice: Lord Young returns: Million miles Honda: ‘Ampshire Zombosium: Life on Earth: and fat cats.

Not a clue about the meteorological conditions at the Castle this morn-too dark to see, but it is warmish and calmish.
The study is chock a thingy with ailing do-dahs, his Maj is stalking things in the lack of light and I have to go to Pets’ City/smart/at home for some pussy litter.

It is with a heavy heart that I see that the EU referendum was shot down by the new Lib/Con/Lab Piss Poor Policies Millionaires Club Coalition.
It seems that 483 anally retentive “MPs” have decided that 62ish million people in dear old Blighty will not be given a voice over whether or not to stay in the money pit known as the “European Union” which of course started out at the “European Economic Community” a free trade pact designed to allow countries to carry out business without political interference.

I think it was on “Question Time” last week that a point was put to the “panel”-“now that the dictator in Libya has gone: when will ours go?”

Order! Order.


11 months ago “Lord” Young shuffled out of no10 after telling us that we  had "never had it so good" declaring that low interest rates meant home-owners were actually better off thanks to the "so-called recession".
Allegedly the 79-year-old Conservative is returning to his former Downing Street role just 11 months after he stepped down, according to The Telegraph.
Officials have reportedly converted a No 10 meeting room into an office for the peer to use in his unpaid role that will focus on finding ways of removing barriers to growth for small and medium size companies.
Downing Street said it was unable to confirm the appointment. It is understood, however, that an announcement is expected shortly.

Hopefully that the whole bloody useless lot of them are being evicted.

LoCicero, 53 was honoured with a surprise parade and given a 2012 Accord on Sunday afternoon after racking up more than 1 million miles on his trusted older model, nicknamed “True Blue” for its light-blue exterior.
He is the first person documented by the car manufacturer to have driven a Honda to the million-mile mark, according to a company spokeswoman.
LoCicero said he’s not sure what he’ll do with the 1990 Accord now that he has a new model, also made in Ohio. He’s tried to sell the older model to a few car dealers recently for $1 million, hoping they’d want to display it to advertise the longevity of Honda vehicles. 

I do like an optimist......

The University of Winchester is to hold a Zombosium on Friday, 17 speakers will give talks on how the living dead have infected popular culture.
‘The conference has a serious purpose,’ said organiser Dr Marcus Leaning, lecturer in the school of media and film. ‘You should study popular culture if you want to understand society. Zombies reflect the anxieties and concerns people have. One idea is that it’s due to austerity, another that it stems from the ‘‘climate of fear’’ after al-Qaeda. No-one really believes in zombies but it’s a way of thinking about big scary things such as a terrorist attack. It’s cathartic.’

No it isn’t; its bollocks.....

A nice picture of Human life on Earth.

And fat cats.

And today’s thought: "Law will be simplified over the next century. Lawyers will have diminished, & their fees will have been vastly curtailed." - Journalist Julius Henri Browne, 1893



James Higham said...

Lot of light in Russia in that map.

Angus said...

That's because they have all the cheap gas James:)