Monday, 10 October 2011

Poor old Blighty

Warm and windy at the Castle this morn, just got back from Tesco on the stale bread, gruel and pussy food run and I am a bit miffed.
Over the weekend they have introduced the “give us a quid or you can’t have a trolley” policy, which is OKish but: they didn’t tell anyone and I didn’t have a quid in change so I had to stagger round with a basket and two of their “small green bags” to get my shopping.

And I suppose that the old guy who collects all the trolleys is now unemployed.

And just to make me feel better a couple of ditties.

Tesco are taking the piss
And it has lost its appeal
If you don’t have a pound you can stagger around
With a basket instead of some wheels

Sales are down but profits are up
Runneth over does their cup
Price drop they say to go is the way
So why has my shopping gone up

Tesco are taking the piss
There really is something amiss
When I have to spend more to get even less
My wallet is now in distress.


There once was a man called Dave
Who thought he was everyone’s fave
He has many millions but still screws civilians
Or should that be billions or zillions

Now Dave is a man with a mission
A bit like nuclear fission
Go the wrong way and goodbye today
As we all go down in decay

And Dave has a mate called Nick
Who is an obnoxious collude
His nose is so brown he takes it lying down
Os standing up if Dave’s in the mood

Dave wants a big society
And we all should act with propriety
To help each other is Dave’s big idea
But Dave is taking the urea

And as Blighty sinks into the sea
Dave and his mates all agree
That the rich will get richer, the poor will get poorer
But that’s how government works you see


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