Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Getting there

Sod all solar stuff, twice as much lack of warm, even less skywater (yet) and not much atmospheric movement at the Castle this morn, I discovered yesterday that my land line hasn’t been working for two weeks (and there’s me thinking that nobody loved me), so I contacted my provider-Orange/EE to “sort it out”

Har-fucking-har, sent an email because they only have an 0844 phone number which costs more than the national debt per minute, then got a phone call on my land line which I couldn’t answer because of the noise on the line, then got a call on my Orange/EE mobile and spoke to a very nice lady who said she would transfer me to the “technical dept” and after ten minutes on hold told me she couldn’t because of “technical difficulties” and she would ring me back tomorrow (today).

The nice lady did indeed ring me again on my Orange/EE mobile and after ten minutes on hold told me that she couldn’t transfer me to the “technical dept” because of “technical difficulties”, the upshot was that I would have to phone the 0844 number (which costs more than the national debt per minute) and press option 1, 2 and 4 and I would be able to speak to “someone” about it.

Did that, spoke to a chap who appears to live in India who said he would transfer me to someone who could help, after ten minutes on hold I managed to speak to another chap who appears to live in India who then asked me for my landline number, two letters of my password and then put me on hold for another ten minutes; and then the credit on my mobile ran out and I was cut orf.

Sent Orange/EE a bit more than stiff email explaining the “situation” and am still awaiting a reply.

But apart from the piss poor service, the cost and waste of time how the fuck can some plonker living thousands of miles away repair my bollixed up landline here in barmy Blighty?

Just returned from the appointment with my General Medic and gave him the list of side effects from my recent encounter with Tampax Champix, he was quite impressed but, as all medics do tried to persuade me not to give up giving up the smokes, I decided that just to make him happy I would consider it.

 But at least I do feel a bit better this two days before the apocalypse morn, think I will wait until the 22n’d to make what is left of my mind up.

And a few more pressies for those in need of feeling wanted.










And today’s thought:
Been there, done that.




CherryPie said...

I like today's thought! I wish I had thought of that ;-)

Angus Dei said...

Snag is; if it doesn't happen I am really buggered CherryPie:)