Friday, 3 May 2013

Oh to be in Blighty

OK I’m back-maybe; more than enough solar stuff, not enough lack of cold, just enough atmospheric movement and not even a watering can full of skywater at the Castle this morn, the last week or two have been “interesting”-ish, rested the elbow a lot, still managed to mow the moss (with a bit of grass in it), bordered the borders, hedged the hedges, visited most of the friends I have that are still alive, went to some nice places, cleaned the nu-Honda, sorted out the cupboards and fixed the leak in the shed roof.

This time of year is a bit dodgy for me, “M”s birthday four days ago, my old Mums in two days and my Dads five days after that which may explain my apathy, laziness, indifference, sloth or lassitude regarding the blog, visiting, commenting etc or it might be that I just couldn’t be bovvered or that I had nothing to say.


Anyway; after lying in the garden for the last few days soaking up the vitamin “D” and turning a nice shade of Bliar I decided to sweep the dust orf the laptop and put digit to keyboard, one thing I have noticed is that the hit rate (around a thousand a day) hasn’t changed much since I stopped blogging-maybe there is a lesson to be learnt there.


There is the usual bollocks on the box, Auntie is still only “reporting” one story each day-today it is the “Local Elections” which I didn’t bovver to take part in mainly because I can no longer tell the difference between the combatants, but it appears that old Niggle Garage’s lot seem to have soaked up most of the “protest” vote, the other load of twats are still arrogant enough to brush it orf as “mid-term blues” and “let’s wait and see what happens in the general election”.


Meanwhile back in the real world; the gas and leccy mob have put up my charges by 50% plus, the water thieves are still taking twice what I should be paying, the interweb provider has bumped up the “line rental” by over ten percent and I won’t even mention the price rises dahn Tesco.


So all in all not a lot has changed in the last fourteen days apart from getting more expensive, the Gov is still fucking about with All and Sundry, and I have to wait until next Wednesday to get the results of the x-rays and other “tests” before I know whether the elbow is treatable or the organic mechanics are going to get involved.

So there we are; the status quo is still in force, the country is still buggered, the Millionaires Club Coalition still can’t find their rear exits with a colonoscope, the economy is still verging on the ridiculous and I still don’t give stuff.


But on the bright side the garden is finally coming to life-there are oodles of those blue flowers-you know-oh yeah-forget me nots, the Brucie hedge has bloomed, the bluebells are on the rise, the azaleas are about to burst into blossom, the mock orange is almost mocking and the roses are shooting up faster than unemployment.


That’s it: I’m orf to get the sun longer out of the dry shed.


And today’s thought:
That’s the last time I sunbathe in the nude.






Bernard said...

"I have noticed is that the hit rate (around a thousand a day) hasn’t changed much since I stopped blogging".
Well, Angus 'the absent', five hundred of those are your friends popping in to see what's up? Probably CherryPie, AKH and me. :)
Funny thing is at 7:30 this fine morn I saw once again, no life at the Castle - so though I would email CherryPie later to suggest sending out a search-party. :o
But, all's well that ends well and I can now go back to celebrating the coating of Fruitcake covering the counties this morning. :)
Glad your back - a rest from blogging always does one good I find.

Angus Dei said...

Good moaning Bernard the concerned:)

Many sorries for not letting anyone know that I was going to take a break, real world stuff took over, hopefully after next Wednesday I will be able to get back to it:)

A K Haart said...

Welcome back - there's nothing like a bit of sun, political disasters and a dry shed to cheer a chap up.

Maybe a bit of sun and relaxation is what that elbow needs too. I had a dodgy elbow years ago and in the end I just had to rest it for ages. Mind you I don't think it was as bad as yours.

Angus Dei said...

It feels a bit odd to opine again AK, problem is there aren't many things that require only one arm (and that will make you blind)and being on one's own doesn't help much.

Hoping the general medic will be able to sort it out next week.

CherryPie said...

Welcome back :-)

James Higham said...

Surfeit of birthdays - happy birthday and welcome back.

James Higham said...

[Coughs politely] Is there ... er ... another post coming? :)

Angus Dei said...

There will indeed be more bollocks to come James, all the tests on the elbow came back negative and I now have some super industrial painkillers whilst awaiting physio, once I have got used to the effects of the pharma stuff I will return:)

I would see someone about that cough if I were you:)