Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Lost one made one

Here I sit in the garden (see above) musing, nay cogitating about life, the universe and everything, the second cushion is of course for the Bat Faced Rat Cat who will no doubt join me.

An addendum to today’s blog, I have been reading James over at nourishing obscurity, Interesting post, and am happy that I can start his day off with a smile (I hope), but it did prompt me into reviewing my hits on the various Angus blogs.

And I note that although the Angus Dei Politico blog has the most followers (apart from AD on A&S) it has very few visitors, this maybe because there are so many great political bloggers out there who unlike me actually take politics seriously, and more power to their key boards.

And it also maybe that I write bollocks about what I deem to be “interesting” re the political arena.

However, I have decided to abandon the “Politico” blog, my apologies to anyone who finds it interesting, but “All and Sundry” will carry serious political items in the future (har har).

And I have created a new one, called AnglishLit (be very careful with the spelling if you Google it, don’t forget the L) which will contain my views on literature as well as snippets of poetry, and other “sophisticated” stuff.

So a new direction for poor old slightly demented Angus Dei, visit it if you dare, and enjoy, or maybe not as the case may be.



CherryPie said...

Your new blog sounds fun, I shall be keeping my eye on it.

I am jealous you were able to sit out and blog in the sun today with a lovely garden view!

Angus Dei said...

Thank you CherryPie,

I will try to live up to your expectations:)

It really was nice yesterday in the garden, holidays are nice aren't they;)