Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The Anglish dictionary-part 1/10000

Here are a few samples of the new Anglish Dictionary, these words are multi function and can be used as nouns or verbs, adverbs or anything you like; more to come.

Arsalite-(ars-alite) the result of a very hot curry

Commopratt-(com-mo-pratt) those anonymous commenter’s that attack on blogs without fear of reprisal

Drivagit-(driv-a-git) drivers that don’t indicate, cut you up, tailgate and bully

Electocon-(elect-o-con) the false promises spewed out by political parties before an election

Nutchunker- (nutch-unker) men who always have their hands are in their pockets

Rectalot-(rec-ta-lot) the anal policies of the powers that be

Runnigob-(run-ni-gob) women who never stop talking

Windighost-(win-di-ghost) those people that drop one silently and walk off leaving you to savour the smell

All suggestions gratefully received.




Angus Dei politico


Devonshire Dumpling said...

gruntfuttock (grunt-fut-tock) an innocent carpentry term that sounds so bloody rude when you use it as an expletive.

can be made into a plural. best uttered with a silly grin and said loudly as an aside. Scores points when used.

angus said...

Thanks DD, but not quite sure you have the hang of this, supposed to be "new" words:)


1. gruntfuttock 15 up, 7 down
Gruntfuttock, Oxford University Slang, especially among the:

"Oxford University Society of Change Ringers"

1. A word of dissatisfaction used in polite company;

2. A measure of late/early striking when ringing.

origin: a character "J Peasemold Gruntfuttock" appearing in a British humour show "Round the Horne" with:

Broadcast: 9th April 1967

which included:

Gruntfuttock of Arabia Captured by the Turks
Gruntfuttock 'tis of Thee
"Barney, half a gruntfuttock closer";

"Stop gruntfuttocking around".

James Higham said...

Silent but deadly.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, more english to teach to my students! I love Urban Dictionary too.

angus said...

Oh Arr james:)

Thanks Dedene, there will be more later today, but you do realise that this is the ANGLISH Dictionary, which is purely a figment of my twisted brain cell:)