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U-Turn Cam heads for the Med: Make ‘em laugh: Global cooling: Forking hell!: Floating Gold: Parking the dead: and a Boat car (which isn't a boat)

It’s not a beautiful morning, it’s not a beautiful day-there’s no bright golden haze o'er the Castle-just a bloody big black cloud leaking sky water-told you it wouldn’t last.
The study is about half empty of broken holiday-makers evil machines, the garden is still in need of a good fettle and his Maj has got the hump because he can’t go out.

I see that U-Turn Cam has slipped back into his millionaire character and has decided to bugger orf to somewhere in the Med for his summers hols.
Last night Downing Street refused to comment on the location of the Camerons' holiday this year, but another Government source said it was certain to be out of Britain. He may spend some time in the country away from Downing Street at the start of September. 

Alright for some...


The Cabinet Secretary, Sir Gus O’Donnell, has asked leading civil servants across government to assess the impact Coalition policies will have on the happiness of the population and to consider options for increasing individuals' satisfaction with their lives.
Plans could include improving the mental health of the workforce so people with depression and other illnesses find jobs, protecting parks and green spaces, and reducing pressure on children and families.
Last November, Mr Cameron announced that a new wellbeing measure would be developed as an alternative to the traditional economic assessments of national progress, such as GDP. He argued that ministers had a legitimate role in helping people to “feel better” and build “a better life”. 


The controversy over global warming hotted up last night after US scientists revealed that the Earth’s temperature declined over the past ­decade.
They said a surge in the use of coal-fired power stations in China may have helped cool the climate by pumping sulphur into the atmosphere.
But they also warned that the build-up of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide from fossil fuels like coal and oil means that respite will be short-lived – particularly as China is cleaning up its power stations and sulphur quickly drops out of the air.
Dr David Whitehouse of the Global Warming Policy Foundation said: “It is good news that the authors recognise that there has been no global temperature increase since 1998.
“Even after the standstill appears time and again in peer-reviewed scientific studies, many commen­tators still deny its reality.
“We live in the warmest decade since thermometer records began about 150 years ago, but it hasn’t got any warmer for at least a decade.”

If they had read this Piss Poor Blog over the last few years it would have saved them a lot of time.

An unsteady forklift dropped a container full of fine Australian wine worth more than $1 million, smashing most of the bottles. The winemaker says he's "gut-wrenched, shocked and numb" after the loss of his flagship Shiraz.
Sparky Marquis of Mollydooker Wines lost a third of his Velvet Glove Shiraz production after the accident that destroyed all but one of the 462 cases bound for the United States. Each bottle of the Mollydooker wine sells for $200.
Marquis said Friday that when workers opened up the dropped container, "it was like a murder scene. There was red everywhere."
He said the wine was fully insured.
The accident has crippled Mollydooker's U.S. launch in September. It will also impact the wine market in Australia.

 So there is some good news then...those Aussies never stop wineing....

Believed to be the most expensive yacht in the world, the entire hull of the 100-foot History Supreme is wrapped in a thin layer of gold. In all, 100 tonnes of solid gold and platinum were used to bling this boat - on the deck, in the dining area, on the railings, the anchor and other accents.
It was commissioned by an anonymous Malaysian businessman, who reportedly paid about the equivalent of $4.6 billion.
That works out to about $46 million per foot.
The vessel, which took three years to build, is the handiwork of Stuart Hughes, a jeweller in Liverpool. 

That’s nearly as expensive as the Honda,

Nearly 60,000 of California's more than 2 million disabled parking placards issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles might have been sent to dead people.
The placards allow motorists to park for free or in special designated spaces.
The DMV checks state death records every two years and the Los Angeles Times reports that this year's crosscheck uncovered about 56,000 deceased placard holders.
The agency misses many of those people because of mismatched birth dates, but the DMV says fraudulent use of disabled parking placards is on the rise. More than a third of the placards displayed in vehicles are used illegally.
The DMV says it's studying ways to make the process more efficient.

Dead clever that—how about phoning people up?

 And finally:

A car made from a speedboat has been turned into the Robin Reliant driven by Del Boy from Only Fools And Horses.
The ‘boatmobile’, originally made for a spoof spy film in the 1960s, had been rotting in a lock up for 20 years.
But Shaun Atkinson from Blackpool bought and restored the car boat, converting it into the old banger from Only Fools And Horses.
Atkinson has now made the boatmobile, one of only three known three wheeler boat cars, road legal after spending £2,000 on revamping the car.
‘My wife thinks I'm strange but I supposed you can't blame her because of what we drive around in,’ said Atkinson.
‘Sadly we can't take the car into the sea but that doesn't matter. Everyone keeps staring at us – so much so we might have the best tourist attraction in town.’
It can be spotted travelling along the seafront in Blackpool.

Best place for it.......

And today’s thought: "A week is a long time in politics, and three weeks is twice as long." - Rosie Barnes


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