Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Every little broadband: Up and dahn-again: Opaque transparency: Big Bougainvillea: I like to ride my Ferrari: Cyclegen in Brockenhurst: and Kung fu nuns.

Chucking it dahn (again) at the castle this morn, but it did turn out nice yesterday and I managed to sort out the hanging baskets, wall boxes and pots with nice new compost and liners, and even a spot of sitting in the sun for a while.
The arm is still OKish, the partial toof thingy still make me vomit and his Maj has become fussy over his grub-I think that a certain neighbour is slipping him “posh” food...

Has apparently come up with a cunning plan to entice us into a broadband “revolution” by offering up-to-20Mbps, unlimited web stuff at £2.50 per month.
Snags are-
You need to buy line rental from Tesco at £13.75/month and switch your phone service to them, with inclusive evening and weekend phone calls. Total price: £16.25/month.
The standard contract is 12 months, or there’s a £40 one-off charge to join on a 30-day rolling contract. You also have to be on a telephone exchange fitted with Tesco broadband equipment.
After 12 months, the service reverts to Tesco’s full price of £6.50/month plus line rental.

And probably price increases every month because every little helps-their profits.

The Piss Poor Policies Millionaires club Coalition has decided that when (if) we get new carriers the Government will now purchase the jump-jet model of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter plane instead, reversing one of the central decisions in the Coalition’s controversial defence review.
Defence Secretary no nuts Phil Hammond will claim the decision will save hundreds of millions of pounds and help the Armed Forces.
Apparently ministers will argue that the change could bring some military benefits to the UK. In particular, buying the jump-jet could mean the next generation of carriers is ready to sail
The decision to install catapults on the new carriers was expected to delay the arrival of the new vessels until at least 2020. Delays in completing the conventional variant plane could have pushed that date back to 2023 or even later, leaving the UK without a working aircraft carrier for at least a decade.
By contrast, the development of the jump-jet fighter is proceeding more smoothly than expected, meaning the aircraft could be ready to fly from the new carriers as early as 2018.
Adopting the jump-jet could also allow the Navy to have two operational carriers. Under the review, one of the new carriers is to be mothballed to save money.
Downing Street confirmed a statement on the carrier programme was imminent.

Err didn’t we already have carriers and jump jets?

Has decided to veto publication of the paper exposing the dangers of the latest health service shake-up in defiance of a tribunal, which said it should be released under the Freedom of Information Act.
Tosspot Lansley invoked a rarely used veto saying that, while he believed in ‘greater transparency’, it was essential to retain ‘a safe space where officials are able to give ministers full and frank advice in developing policies and programmes’.
Apparently it seems that according to “Mr” Lansley “The public had all the information it needed to decide on the reforms”

Except for the bits they don’t want us to see.......

A big Bougainvillea is set to become top of the crops as it nears the 100-ft mark.
Planted more than 10 years ago, the monster plant has become a unique feature of a university campus.

And now the creeper has reached such a height that officials are applying to Guinness World Records for recognition.
One student at the college in Nanning, southern China revealed that occupants of the building have been taking time out of their studies to care for the plant.
"We all help to keep the plant healthy from the windows of our room with some leaf pruning or feeding," he said.

"We don't mind that it blocks out the light - it's beautiful to look at when it's in flower."

Hope they don’t have a hosepipe ban there....

Austrian artist Hannes Langeder spent a year creating the Fahrradi Farfall FFX based on the Italian sports car manufacturer's £1million track-only Ferrari FXX.
Very nice, but sadly it is pedal driven, made from a combination of plastic and light-weight steel, the unique bicycle weighs just 100kg and is steered using pedals which control 11 different gears.
Langeder even claims the vehicle actually lifts off the ground when ridden by a fast enough cyclist.
The eco-friendly car is currently on display at an automotive exhibition in Austria where it is considered road-safe.

 Wonder if it is congestion charge free?

Guests in the “Standing Hat” room at Cottage Lodge in the village of Brockenhurst, can now keep fit, watch their favourite programmes, and do their bit for the environment using the novel device.
The room also features low-energy lighting, solar panels and a wood-burning stove to produce hot water, and a low-flow toilet and shower to reduce water use. The publicity also boasts that environmentally-friends paints and low-impact building materials were used throughout, while the room’s bed, bedside table, dressing table, wardrobe and mirror were crafted by a local tree surgeon from a single beech tree which fell in the village.
Christina Simons, the hotel’s owner, has spent nearly eight years turning it into a green retreat, but explained how the 360-year-old property has recycling in its heritage.
“The building dates back to 1650, and was actually constructed from a reclaimed ship,” she said.

Nothing new-the butler has been using one of those for years.

And finally: 

A prayer of nuns arrange themselves into lines around a golden Buddhist shrine to undergo a rigorous and aggressive martial arts routine as the world's first order of kung fu nuns.
The sisters of the Amitabha Drukpa Nunnery - aged from nine to 52 - come from across Nepal, India, Tibet and Bhutan to learn the ancient Chinese discipline of kung fu, which they believe will help them be better Buddhists.
Every day, they exchange their maroon robes and philosophical studies for an intense 90-minute session of hand chops, punches, shrieks and soaring high kicks.
"The main reason for practising kung fu is for fitness and for health, but it also helps with meditation and self-defence,'' 14-year-old Jigme Wangchuk Lhamo, who was sent to the nunnery from Bhutan four years ago, said.
"When we practise kung fu we are doing something which gives us not only strong bodies but also strong minds.''

Bet they don’t get nun....

And today’s thought:

They might get some.


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